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ISO 45001 Overview

Feb 9, 2018

Understand the benefits of adopting ISO 45001 and how ZERO can help.


The new ISO 45001 standard, published in early 2018, will be the internationally accepted occupational health and safety standard for all organizations, regardless of its size, type and work activities. The standard will require a system wide approach to safety management, primarily through involving workers of all levels in hazard identification and risk assessment. Additionally, the standard makes the ability to accurately communicate risks to workers, subcontractors and external parties critically important. The focus on communication requires organizations to provide timely access to clear, understandable and relevant safety information, training and resources. ISO 45001 also requires additional emphasis on participation of non-managerial workers through hazard identification and risk assessment, determining the safety information that needs to be communicated and how this should be done, and determining corrective actions. The standard also requires an organization to establish a process for workers to identify opportunities to improve workplace safety through risk reduction or work adaptation.

What are the benefits of implementing ISO 45001?

  • Injury and illness reduction
  • Improved workplace morale
  • Product, process and quality improvement
  • Increased employee retention
  • Provides systematic framework that helps protect workers
  • Favorable customer image 

How can ZERO help?

  • Facilitates worker engagement in the safety program
  • Hazard & system deficiencies identification
  • Allows workers to participate in discussion for solution
  • Empower employees to address safety hazards
  • Communicate issues to leadership
  • Sets up communication lines that follow established organizational roles and responsibilities
  • Enables the entire organization to have the same access to relative safety information
  • Share best practices, lessons learned and creates a learning organization

ZERO is a revolutionary mobile platform designed to help organizations, large and small, optimize safety performance through worker engagement and risk management. The platform encourages workers to participate in a corrective action program, communicating instantly with one another to identify hazards and system deficiencies, and assessing the workplace risk. It also enables an organization to create a learning library, share best practices, identify opportunities and continuously improve their safety management system. ZERO is designed to help organizations to achieve ISO 45001 and improve long-term safety performance.

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