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Compressed Gas Guidance

Below is a quick guide to common safety issues and protocols. For more, download the PDF.

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This free download covers handling of compressed gases,
transportation of cylinders, and the safe use of cylniders as well as
actions to avoid in order to create a safer work Invironment.
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Compressed Gases

Mishandled cylinders may rupture violently, release their hazardous contents or become dangerous

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A standard 250 cubic foot cylinder pressurized to 2,500 psig can become a rocket attaining a
speed of over 30 miles per hour in a fraction of a second after venting from the broken cylinder connection.

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Use of Cylinders

Be sure all connections are tight. Use soapy water to locate leaks. Keep cylinders valves, regulators, couplings, hose and apparatus clean and free of oil and grease.

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