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Identify Hazards.
Perform Inspections.
Conduct Audits.
Improve Operations.

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Pro-active EH&S Safety & Ops. Automated.
Organized. Real-time. Mobile-enabled.
Reduce your claims up to 65%
Optimize & Automate Operations

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ZERO mitigates preventable accidents and illnesses by bringing together the core features of traditional EH&S software — Incident Reporting, OSHA Recordables, Audits, and Safety Performance Scoring — with modern collaborative tools that enable everyone in your company to observe, report, and resolve issues in the workplace.

Share. Measure. Track. Comply. Learn.
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ZERO Lifecycle - Share, Measure & Track, Process & Learn, Comply
The ZERO method emphasizes proactive safety before an incident happens. "Reactive solutions" have been repurposed to anticipate hazards in a collaborative process-driven system.
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1. Feed
  • Observe, report, assign, and resolve recognized issues
  • Team based communication
  • Notification through email, text, in-app, and push alerts
  • Organize and categorize for enhanced reporting
2. Incidents
  • Recordable & non-recordable Events
  • Generate OSHA 300, 300A, 301 Reports
  • Custom Forms on Incidents
  • KPIs including DART & TRIR

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ZERO graphs and charts your injuries to to track progress
3. Forms + Audits
  • Custom and pre-built templates
  • Multiple field types including signatures, text, drop-down, multiple choice, and video embedding.
  • Assign & Schedule to teams or individuals
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4. Analytics + Reports
  • Internal Audits
  • Continuous Inspections
  • Real-time Results
  • Exportable
ZERO has numerous reports that can be exported with all your data.

Eliminate the cost of workplace injury.

Our mission is to eliminate the top causes of the most serious workplace injuries with real-time behavior based safety — injuries that account for over 85% of the cost of insurance claims.

The ZERO Method

ZERO has simplified quality, safety, and productivity in manufacturing, energy, and industry by taking the best aspects of industrial methodologies, distilling them for the modern era, and incorporating them into a simple 5-step software process.

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ZERO is inviting all safety professionals to ENTER the Paul O'Neill Challenge (June 3-SepT 15). CLick here for more info.