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Use Cases

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The ZERO Method

Observe. Report. Resolve. Review. Learn.

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1. Observe

Create and organize teams

ZERO allows you to create and organize teams to unleash the potential of your workforce. Internal audits don't have to occur in monthly intervals. With ZERO, your teams can provide real-time, continuous improvement that can make your company safer, more reliable, and more efficient every day.

2. Report

Alert your team

ZERO empowers employees to instantly report hazards, near misses, system deficiencies, cost savings improvements, incidents, and more — all without the need for slow, messy email chains or paper forms. The ZERO "Feed" is a digital forum for continuous inspection and resolution. Teammates can share ideas to make the company smarter, safer, and better.

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3. Resolve

Tag a responder

Assign teammates who are uniquely adept at completing objectives and resolving issues. These assignments function like collaborative and instantaneous corrective actions that are fully customizable. Workers can communicate about time-sensitive problems or simply send a quick question to a colleague. The comments timeline allows you to monitor  progress and stay informed when all tasks have been marked as resolved.

4. Review

Compare performance with analytics

Review your organization's operational risk, in real-time, using the analytics dashboard in ZERO. Promote best practices and work improvements between teams and understand where the risks are in your organization. View reports by person, team, or company-wide — over any time period.

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5. Learn

Store and Revisit

Discover and promote best practices in the library. Document control, nonconformance management, and root cause analysis are now instant, accessible, and practical. The library allows you to store all enterprise-wide information, including policies, procedures, PowerPoints, and investigations, allowing every worker to have all the information they need at their fingertips.

The ZERO Method

ZERO has simplified quality, safety, and productivity in manufacturing, energy, and industry by taking the best aspects of industrial methodologies, distilling them for the modern era, and incorporating them into a simple 5-step software process.

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