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Feature Spotlight

Incident Tracking

OSHA 300,  300A, and 301 Reporting.

ZERO combines OSHA reporting and incident tracking with a collaborative Behavior Based Safety software. We've developed enhanced tracking so that Reactive data becomes Proactive problem solving, reducing risk and ensuring compliance.

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Report Injuries

Record incidents, employee information, and case details, The classify them as recordable or non recordable.

Track and analyze

Visualize data to see trends. Total incidents, recordable vs non, injuries, and illnesses.

OSHA 300, 300A, and 301 Filing

Export incidents to XLS for OSHA Filing.

Corrective Actions

Track incidents and assign corrective actions to appropriate team members for closure.

Identify Issues

Identify inefficiencies and issues that lead to injuries and illnesses and swiftly act to solve them.

Find Solutions

Propose solutions and share information with vital stakeholders.

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