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Become an Ambassador to promote a better Safety Culture

ZERO safety ambassadors (ZSA's) are the most forward thinking safety consultants & risk professionals who deliver valuable and timely safety content to their clients through the ZERO platform.

Become a ZSA!

ZERO Safety Ambassador Program

ZERO Safety Ambassadors (ZSAs) can come from many areas of risk management- from brokers to safety consulting professionals. Ambassadors enjoy exclusive access to pricing discounts, product implementation commissions, and other special perks.
ZSA Benefits
Earn New Revenue

Ambassadors earn exclusive ongoing revenue for implementing new ZERO accounts. ZSAs can also earn a commission for ZERO referrals on your existing accounts.

Enhance Training

As a ZSA, you get direct, personal, and continuous access to distribute digital safety training materials and stay intimately connected with your clients from anywhere.

Share Content

ZERO Safety Ambassadors  share content and model safety practices with ZERO members. You can promote your content in the Library and share your ZERO success stories.

ZSA Program Details
Content Marketplace

ZERO Safety Ambassadors will have an opportunity to distribute safety materials such as checklists, educational videos, inspirational content, & audits through the ZERO Library. Share your content on demand at the very instant your clients need it the most!

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On Demand Safety

As a ZERO Safety Ambassador, you will have an opportunity create a recurring revenue stream by introducing your current clients & new customers to the platform. ZERO allows for a more personal, continuous, and direct communication stream with your clients, enhancing safety every day. Learn about safety issues more thoroughly and respond to them quickly, from anywhere at anytime.

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ZERO Referrals

Ambassadors earn a commision each time a new organization signs up for a demo and begins a paid subscription.  Additionally, ZERO has customers all over the United States in need of safety consultation services. As a ZERO Safety Ambassador, you can be first in your region to conduct and grow these services.

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