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"Teams," organize your company into communication channels.

Teams can be broken down by department, location, work type, or any other custom method you choose.

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Proactive hazard identification, tracking, and resolution combined with collaborative engagement leads to healthier, happier, and more productive workplace and a Purpose-Driven Culture.

ZERO's teams create a central place where employees can observe, report, resolve, and review potential hazards, quality issues, and incidents in real-time to improve safety, quality, productivity and much more.

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Reduce Risk

Instantly connect team members on unsafe conditions, tag responders, and resolve issues before they affect safety.

Track and analyze

Aggregate common hazards and find out who in your organization is resolving them the most.

Ensure Compliance

Create custom tags that cover hazards, unsafe condtions, and more.

Identify issues

Identify inefficiencies and issues and swiftly act to solve them using the best resources in your organization.

Find solutions

Work with skilled responders to resolve issues quickly and transparently. Empower your team with immediate access, any time, anywhere.

Drive Engagement

Put the latest information in your employee hands.  From training materials, instruction manuals, product documentation,  guidebooks, and more.

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