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Return To Business Safely

Our customizable pre-screen forms allows employees to assess their health status remotely and share it with their team leaders from anywhere.

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COVID-19 Features

Return To Business Safely

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ZERO mitigates preventable accidents & illnesses by bringing together OSHA Compliance, Audits, and Hazard Reporting into a flexible and collaborative software suite.
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Return To Work Safely
Return to Work Screening

Our simple return-to-work pre-screen forms can be completed remotely from anywhere by any employee. Workers can self assess symptoms, comment on infectious disease interactions, and identify circumstances around their overall health to prevent the spread in the workplace.

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Identify Health Hazards

The ZERO feed has customizable tags and categories, allowing team members to establish a centralized location where Covid-19 related issues can be shared and approrpiately corrected. Tags can include contaminated surfaces, exposures, personal protective equipment & much more.

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Share Safety Directives

The Covid-19 Pandemic is a rapidly evolving situation with changing information and directives. The ZERO feed encourages the sharing of new information to update workers and managers to help everyone stay aware of the latest directives from Health Authorities and company policies.

CDC Return to Work Guidance
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