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A new way to enhance proven methods.

The ZERO method was designed in sync with time tested continuous improvement methodologies such as Training Within Industry, Lean Methodology, and ISO 45001.

Quality Management

Quality management emphasizes Corrective Action, Risk Management, Document Control and Employee Training. ZERO empowers your team to instantly identify hazards, near misses, system deficiencies, incidents, and more — all without the need for slow, messy email chains. You can collaborate, assess risk, and share knowledge, saving time, money, and lives.

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Integrated Operations

Integrated operations refers to the integration of people, disciplines, organizations, work processes and information technology. ZERO gives you a simple, easy way to organize all your communication. ZERO organizes communication and activity into teams that mirror the way your organization already operates. Designed for companies of all shapes and sizes, ZERO provides the flexibility and control you need to identify issues and notify resolvers across your organization

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Lean Methodology — Kaizen

Lean was developed with the idea that continual improvement comes from the identification and steady elimination of waste. ZERO accomplishes this by allowing your team members to tag responders to help resolve any issues that arise on the job. Workers can communicate about time-sensitive problems or simply send a quick question to a colleague. Once an issue is resolved, your team now has the ability to close out the problem and share the solution company-wide, eliminating waste and encouraging participation.


ISO 45001/9001

ISO 45001 and 9001 facilitates worker engagement and leadership participation in performance improvement. It aids in compliance with OSHA standards and EH&S principles. With ZERO's integrated management features, leaders have access to an analytics dashboard to track and trend risks to the organization and can communicate and collaborate with workers to fix hazards before they turn into claims.

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Health and Safety

The focus on communication requires organizations to provide timely access to clear, understandable, and relevant safety information, training and resources. Capture learning experiences from real-time issues within a company-wide best practice repository. ZERO collects and organizes your company's knowledge, so that any worker can access them at any time.

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A simple formula that we all use every day. Find out how ZERO can bring efficiency, quality, and safety to your department.