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Ease of Use and Flexibility with ZERO

Will Bartz
Jan 12, 2020

Understanding ZERO's Use cases and why flexibility is so important in an industrial environment.

Workplace injuries cost businesses an average of $64 billion dollars per year; while the average slip, trip or fall on the job can total over $25,000. ZERO shines in a multitude of use cases because of its flexible nature that can be customized to fit a variety of commercial and industrial situations. Hazard Identification is streamlined using ZERO’s easy to use feed capability. In one instance a ZERO customer was able to identify more potential workplace hazards, prevent potential accidents, reduce risk, and save over $175K.

That same ZERO customer was able to quickly onboard all of their 580 users at 7 locations because of ZERO’s ease of use and intuitive design; the ZERO platform is designed to be easy and effective from Day 1. Issues are addressed in real time leading to improvements in operational efficiency, employee safety, and risk level; saving you time and money.

The ZERO platform can integrate with your existing safety culture to identify, communicate, and mitigate risk. Compliance is made simple with ZERO’s custom form builder that allows you to quickly and easily generate forms to remain compliant, improve processes, and procedures while tracking and aggregating your data for later use in developing best practices, and identifying potential areas of improvement. 

ZERO makes OSHA compliance and reporting simple by automating your OSHA 300, and 300A forms and storing all your recordable and non-recordable incidents on the ZERO app for easy and accurate end of year reporting. 

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