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Introducing Incident Reporting

May 17, 2019

ZERO is excited to share the launch of our new Incidents feature, available to admins to document and track incidents occurring within their workplace.

In our effort to better serve the the EHS&Q environment, ZERO is excited to share the launch of our new Incidents feature.  Within this new feature, team admins have the ability to log and track OSHA recordables and workplace incidents.  Admins can document the specifics surrounding the incident such as the employee(s) involved, location, incident details, medical information, and corrective actions.  

In addition to simply logging incidents, this new feature incorporates the same detailed analytics that ZERO has always delivered for reporting.  This means that you will be able to easily assess internal risk, accident trends, and preventative measures.  Analytics have the ability to segment injuries by injury type, date, part of the body affected, and incidents that are OSHA recordable vs those that are not.

Incidents is the first of several new features that ZERO has in store as we look to build out additional functionality to help your organization stay on top of its health, safety, and quality.  We are confident that coupling core EH&S features with ZERO’s ability to observe, report, and resolve incidents collaboratively will lead to a safer and engaged workplace and eliminate the top causes of the most serious workplace injuries.

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