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ZERO Ambassadors

Aug 31, 2020

A brief overview of the new ZERO ambassadors program.

We're excited to introduce to you the ZERO ambassadors program.ZERO® Safety Ambassadors (ZSAs) can come from many areas of risk management- from brokers to safety consulting professionals. Ambassadors enjoy exclusive access to pricing discounts, product implementation commissions, and other special perks.

Perks : Earn New Revenue

Ambassadors earn exclusive ongoing revenue for implementing new ZERO® accounts. ZSAs can also earn a commission for ZERO® referrals on your existing accounts.

Perks: Enhance Training

As a ZSA, you get direct, personal, and continuous access to distribute digital safety training materials and stay intimately connected with your clients from anywhere.

Perks : Share Content

ZERO® Safety Ambassadors  share content and model safety practices with ZERO®members. You can promote your content in the Library and share your ZERO®success stories.

One of the best things about becoming a ZSA is the more direct and close relationship that teams provide between your risk consulting and the client. We believe that giving safety professionals a more direct route to safety hazards allows for a safer workplace and a better relationship between companies looking to improve their safety culture and their representatives.

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