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Be an ambassador for a better safety culture.

ZERO connects with with the most
foward thinking safety consultants & risk professionals to help deliver valuable and timely safety content to their clients.

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ZERO Ambassadors Levels

ZERO ambassdors come from many areas of risk management, from brokers to safety consulting professionals. Ambassadors enjoy exclusive access to pricing discounts, product placement commissions, and exclusive product perks.
OFfer + PErks
Exclusive Pricing

Ambassadors get significant pricing discounts for new ZERO accounts. For select companies ZERO provides commission for ZERO platform referalls.

Remote Access

Ambassadors receive exclusive access to a ZERO Admin Account and the ZERO shield moniker for direct remote communication with clients & their workers.

Content Library

The ZERO library provides the ability to distribute Safety Content within the ZERO library Across Organizations. This includes customer request forms & educational content delivery.

ZERO features
ZERO Referrals

If a Lead follows your unique Partner link to, signs up for a demo, and then  upgrades to a paid license you receive an ambassador commission. On top of that, ZERO has customers all over the United States in need of safety consultation services. As a ZERO Safety Ambassador, you can be first in your region to become an exclusive vendor.

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On Demand Safety

As a ZERO Safety Ambassador, you get access to add a recurring revenue stream to your business by introducing your clients & customers to ZERO. An official ZERO ambassador account allows for a more personal, continuous, and direct communicatoin stream with your clients. Learn about your clients safety issues more intimately and respond to them quickly.

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Content Marketplace

Distribute safety materials like checklists, educational videos, inspirational content, & more through the ZERO Library & sell your content on demand at the very instant the client needs it the most. Customers are given the ability to fill out custom content request forms directly so that you can meet their needs when as the arise on the job.

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