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What is ZERO?

ZERO is an affordable cloud platform bringing together the core features of traditional EH&S (environment, health, and safety) software — hazard observation, incident reporting, OSHA recordables, forms, audits, and safety performance scoring — with modern collaborative and flexible tools enabling everyone in your company to improve safety, productivity, and quality.

How is ZERO different from other safety tools?

We've combined traditional EH&S tools into one and made them work seamlessly together - giving you an integrated safety suite! Observation, Resolution, Incident Management, OSHA reporting, Forms, Surveys, Audits - and more.... all integrated together! ZERO is built on the founding principle that everyone should go home safe and healthy from work, every day. Unlike more traditional safety tools, ZERO is focused on streamlining communication, engaging and empowering employees, and sharing knowledge between teams. We believe when all employees are active participants in the company’s safety program, performance can be elevated to a new level.

Who is ZERO designed for?

ZERO is designed for companies in high-hazard industries that are seeking to streamline communication across teams, reduce workplace injuries and incidents, and ultimately improve their safety culture and safety performance.

Who should use ZERO (managers, supervisors, line workers, office workers, etc. )?

Everyone! Every department in your company can benefit from the streamlined communication that is possible within ZERO. We believe safety excellence is a shared, company-wide mission. The more people engaged in the safety culture, the better the performance.


What are the technical requirements to use ZERO?

ZERO lives in the cloud, so it is available anywhere you have an internet connection. There's nothing to install and all you'll need is a modern web browser. We also have fully functional iOS and Android apps for mobile use cases.

What browsers and operating systems are supported?

ZERO is built for the features found in modern browsers and operating systems. For the best possible experience, please make sure your browser and operating system are up to date. You can learn more about our support for browsers and operating systems here.

Who has control over the data?

You always maintain full control over your data and how it is shared. We never share your data with anyone.

Other Questions

Does ZERO fit within different Departments?

Yes! We've designed ZERO to mirror the way your organization already operates. You can create as many teams as you'd like, so that the right people are always being notified about the right information.

Can I store best practices and other documents in ZERO?

Yep! In the ZERO Library, you can upload documents, images, videos, or any other files. This information can be accessed and searched by everyone in your organization.

Is ZERO available in other languages?

ZERO is only available in English at the moment - sorry! But if you're excited to join, contact us and we can customize the platform in other languages  for you!

I have other questions, how can I contact you?

If you have a question we didn't answer, send us a message! We'd be happy to help.