Fall Protection

Below is a quick guide to common safety issues and protocols. For more, download the PDF.

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This free download covers Fall Protection, Inspection & Maintenance of Fall Protection Equipment, and Regulations that require that all fall protection equipment be inspected prior to its use. It also has as a video example illustrating the dangers and proper safety procedures if any of these issues should cause a safety incident.
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Inspection & Maintenance

Regulations require that all fall protection equipment be inspected prior to its use. This includes looking forFrays or broken strands in lanyards, belts and lifelines, and oxidation or distortion of any metalconnection devices.Perform a visual inspection of the equipment prior to using it, each time.

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Engineer out the Hazard

Protect yourself from a fall. Identify when your work exposes you or a co-workerto a fall hazard before you are exposed to the hazard.If the hazard assessment indicates the need for fall protection, the next step is to determine if the fallhazard(s) can be eliminated through engineering controls and/or alternative work methods.

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The ABC's of Fall Protection

A: Anchorage/Anchorage Connector: An anchor point capable of supporting a load of 5000 lbs. ormore.B: Body wear: A full-body harness; ANDC: Connecting Device: The critical link which joins the body wear to the anchorage/anchorageconnector, for example: a shock-absorbing lanyard.