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ZERO Welcomes AEGIS Customers
ZERO empowers employees to observe, share, resolve, and review hazards and incidents in real-time to improve safety, quality, and productivity.

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Bill Hoy
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The ZERO Method

Easy-to-implement software to improve productivity, loss performance, accountability,
and learning — in one simple formula. Observe. Report. Resolve. Review. Learn.


Organize and Manage

ZERO organizes all your communication and activity into teams that mirror the way your organization already operates. Designed for companies of all shapes and sizes, ZERO provides the flexibility and control you need to manage your people and teams in whatever manner fits best.


A Digital "Bulletin Board"

ZERO empowers workers closest to the action to proactively identify hazards, near misses, system deficiencies, cost savings improvements, incidents, and more — all without the need for slow, messy email chains. Workers can collaborate, assess risk, and share knowledge, saving time, money, and lives. Then mark them resolved after addressing it.

Share and collaborate in ZERO

Best Practices Library

Create, organize, and share files, documents, images and more with every worker in your company. The ZERO Library collects and organizes your organization's safety knowledge, so that any worker can search the Library to find what they need, when they need it.


Compare and Compete

From the Analytics Dashboard, ZERO Administrators have a central place to deconstruct the captured data into easily identifiable trends. Report by team, company, and over various time periods! Review performance and safety conditions in the workplace in real-time, and quickly compare team performance to uncover areas for improvement.


Real-time chat built right in.

Connect your people instantly. Workers can discuss planning matters, communicate about time-sensitive issues that arise on the job, or simply send a quick question to a colleague — all without having to switch apps.

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