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Use Cases

Object Strikes
Eliminate waste fast.  


ZERO is where everyone, from  leaders to the new hires work together to spot issues and share solutions.  Interactions happen on the feed — organized by team, location, or work type — so that the proper responder is notified at the right time, saving time, lives and money for every department. Quality management in a simple five-step process.

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From quality control to swift resolution, it's all in ZERO.

ZERO is an easy-to-use integrated management software to improve workplace quality, loss performance, accountability, and learning — in one simple formula.

Get Connected

Instantly connect team members on operational inefficiencies, notify responders, and resolve issues before they affect quality.

Track and analyze

Follow issues that are creating waste and find out who in your team is resolving them the most.

Customizable Topics

Create custom tags that cover production line issues, quality control, new hiring practices, and more.

Identify issues

Identify inefficiencies and issues and swiftly act to solve them. Great ideas come from all levels of your organization.

Find solutions

Work with skilled responders to resolve issues quickly and transparently.

Train new hires

Access  a respository of best practices. Learn and manage issues so that they become problems of the past.

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