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ZERO Product Updates

Aug 21, 2020

Some new product updates from ZERO

Traditional EH&S systems are complex, hard to use, and fail to inspire worker engagement. What’s different about ZERO, is that it  becomes a flexible part of your everyday workplace safety culture  - keeping employees safer, addressing problems sooner, and making performance better. We've already talked to you about teams, forms, audits, analytics, and the ZERO Library but we've added some finer details to make yourEH&S processes smooth and easy.

With our latest updates, flexibility doesn’t mean compromise. Schedule audits and reports, Receive alerts, create multi page inspection templates, or post hazards, assign responders, utilize pre-built content, and create educational materials - all from the integrated ZERO platform.  

Here are a few other updates that we've added recently

  • Added “reactions” to posts, which  acts like a “like” button.
  • Added ability to turn on/off “risk level” for posts (from settings)
  • Added timezone picker to the user profile (need to go to “edit profile” page to see this). This now allows reports, analytics, etc to run on local time, and show local time on the excel export. This will be set automatically to your local timezone.
  • Added “excused” state to schedule reports
  • Improved incident loading speed
  • Improved horizontal scrolling on tables on various pages (improves mobile UX)
  • Added pagination for manage members page (improves mobile UX)
  • Library article minor improvements (loading indicators, confirmation messages etc.)

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