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Rebuilding our backend

Jan 5, 2018

We've changed up our backend infrastructure. Here are the details.

Recently, we made the decision to change our backend infrastructure. Here's a quick rundown:

Platform improvements 

The most notable change is that our backend infrastructure is now fully managed via Amazon Web Services (AWS). Previously, we were on a monolithic system, but now we have switched to microservices. These changes allow the platform to be more scalable, more flexible with feature development, and faster to support our customers' needs. It's a huge change for us, and we are very excited to introduce the rebuilt the system to you soon. 

Quality and speed are our main goals for the next version of ZERO. With this completely rebuilt backend, users are able to find their content faster and collaborate more efficiently.

Infrastructure details:

  • Switched from RoR to Python and from AWS EC2 instances to AWS Lambda. 
  • Communication with our components is based on REST API service.
  • Instead of rendering HTML pages, we switched to single page application built on ReactJS.
  • Web dashboard is Mobile/Tablet touchscreen friendly.
  • We are using modern technologies to provide the best experience for our customers. 
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