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Make the Shift to Remote Work

Kevin Welch
Apr 3, 2020

A quick guide to working in a remote working environment.

Working remote is a big shift for many of our industrial colleagues but it doesn't have to come at the expense of focus or safety. The internal ZERO team has worked remote for many years and we've adopted a few small changes that can make your new workplace safer and more enjoyable. Check out the preview of our guide below.

<a href="">Download the full PDF now!</a>

We all have had to learn to adjust to the changes we are experiencing in our societies and ZERO is no different. Working in remote software has given us the ability to adapt quickly to this challenge and we feel well positioned to help others through the changes as well. Not only is ZERO adaptable to the behavioral changes we are currently seeing in our workplaces, its design fits this very purpose.

Of course, we could never have foreseen the pandemic that we're confronted with. Our initial intention was to speed the process of collaboration across warehouses, offices, and cities. Because of that, ZERO covers gaps in communication that didn’t exist before this outbreak.  Our goal is to bridge that gap for companies that are new to this type of communication.

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