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Introducing ZERO 2.0

Feb 1, 2018

We're making some big changes with the release of ZERO 2.0.

We have been hard at work over the last several months. Today I'm excited to announce that we will be releasing an all-new version of ZERO near the end of March. With this release, we've rethought, redesigned, and retooled everything about ZERO from the ground up. We spent a great deal of time speaking to customers and potential customers (thank you), and we think you are going to love the changes. Not only did we redesign the entire interface, but we also added a suite of new features AND changed the entire backend infrastructure — all in just about 4 months! This was a huge undertaking, but we feel great about where we are headed and are eager to share the final version with you soon.

Summary of Changes:

  • Rebuilt our back-end infrastructure: you can read more about that here.
  • All New Web Experience: We've significantly upgraded the functionality and user experience in the web application to make it even easier to use ZERO. With a completely rebuilt back end and more personalized interface, users are able to navigate the application faster and collaborate more efficiently.
  • New Features(!): We've added three new features to the platform: a chat feature, a "Library" feature, and a "Teams" feature. We've also made enhancements to our Analytics Dashboard and our posting functionality. ZERO 2.0 gives Administrators the ability to create custom teams that mirror the way their companies already work. ZERO 2.0 also now has real-time chat built right in! No more switching between applications - all communication can now take place directly in ZERO.
  • New iOS application: In conjuction with the launch of ZERO 2.0, we will also be launching all new iOS and Android applications, so stay tuned!

Thanks for the feedback and for following along. I'll check back in a few weeks to give you a look at some of the new screens and features.

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