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Industrial Innovation Starts with the User Experience

Kevin Welch
Dec 12, 2019

A discussion about the latest brand changes at ZERO

I am often humbled by revisiting the statisitic that 95% of business innovations fail (according to Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen). I wonder how much more dire that number would look if SaaS business were included, especially in the industrial space.

Working with our generous partners and clients we know that the industrial world requires more attention to detail, focus on process, and respect for the risk of the job and that’s why new ideas need to be properly vetted before being taken into consideration. Being aware of these hurdles makes it ever more important to design friendly, welcoming, and functional marketing materials and products to get clients to believe in our vision.

In order to to get new clients to trust us and see that our system will not only seamlessly integrate into an industrial workday but also help our customers thrive in way they haven’t before means designing a system that looks and feels welcoming but also robust.

Our four colors represent industrial metals like bronze, cobalt, platinum, and gold to show a premium design and display our love of industrial materials.

For our social media campaigns we have added some more fun and lighthearted designs that display our system’s networking features.

One of the latest design features in our system is a comments timeline where a user can track an issue to a resolution. We built this with the idea of the age old industrial timestamp --- combining it with modern icons to create a fusion of old and new systems.

We’re excited to continue to push the boundaries of design on our social channels and within the product to keep workers engaged in safety for the next wave of industrial innovation.

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